Supporting Bay Area families since 1998. We thank our donors and supporters for making a difference in the lives of over 23,000 students.

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“What you are doing really is sowing seeds into the lives of these families. That is going to reap a harvest and change society. Generations will be affected by the education you are giving them.”

Posted on June 20, 2013 .

 “There is no way we could have done this without you.  I wish the people who find the money to give to families had the opportunity to see how far reaching this is.  Like dropping one pebble into a pond and seeing the ripples.  It’s transformative, not only for these families, but for this community.”

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Change a child's life today!

Over 95% of BASIC Fund alumni go on to graduate from high school, compared to less than 75% for many low-income students in district schools.

Posted on June 17, 2013 .

Give a child hope today!

“Because of your support, I have had the privilege to take hold of my education.  I thank you for giving us something no one can ever take away: hope and the courage to strive and reach whatever we aspire to be.”

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