Resources for Schools

The BASIC Fund supports students at approximately 300 Bay Area schools each year.  Our schools do a tremendous job and represent the wide range of cultures and beliefs that make the Bay Area the wonderfully diverse community it is. Check out our School Finder to see the hundreds of schools where we support these families.

To become a Participating School with the BASIC Fund the school must be chosen by the parents of a new student, who’s family qualifies for The BASIC Fund. We believe parents are the best judge in what educational environment is the best for their children. However, to ensure that BASIC Fund scholarships are being utilized in the way they were conceived, we require that in addition to being chosen by the parents of incoming students the school must meet our minimum standards*, listed below.

  • Must be registered as a Private School with the State of California
  • Must be a physical school in sound building facilities (not online, home, or virtual school) located in the nine Bay Area counties served by the BASIC Fund
  • Must support students in a safe, healthy and nurturing environment characterized by trust, caring, dignity, respect and professionalism
  • BASIC Fund staff and/or volunteers must be allowed to visit the school, meet the school administrators and the children enrolled in the school (particularly those students receiving BASIC Fund assistance), review the curriculum, and be allowed to observe a class in session, if requested
  • School personnel must agree to assist BASIC Fund in keeping accurate records of school statistics and information as well as BASIC Fund student data and records
  • Demonstrate fiscal and ethical responsibility providing accurate management of BASIC Fund scholarships in accordance with BASIC Fund policy

Partner schools verify each student’s attendance twice per school year, and provide additional information including enrollment, tuition and auxiliary services on an annual basis.  Scholarship checks are mailed out twice per year.

In addition to scholarships, The BASIC Fund provides valuable networking and support opportunities for schools to help them in their mission of providing a quality education to all children regardless of income. Download the pdf to see what's working well for other schools in the Bay Area and beyond.

Resources for Schools (PDF) 

Contact us for more information about how to become a BASIC Fund school!


*The BASIC Fund reserves the right to discontinue scholarship support for students at your school if a pattern of parental complaints, significant multi-year drops in student attendance or malfeasance on the part of the school appear evident.