From BASIC to Stanford and back - an alumna spotlight


Dominique graduated from St. Bede Catholic School in 2011, joining the ranks of BASIC Fund alumni. This year she returned to us as a Stanford University student and an intern, equipped with a drive for building community and an incredible perspective on the journey our BASIC Fund families undergo.

For Dominique, that journey represents opportunity.

“When I enrolled in St. Bede middle school, it was a night and day difference from my old school,” she said. “I went from being ahead of the curve and in a huge class where we didn’t get a lot of personal instruction to a much more challenging environment with one-on-one attention in small classes.”

That experience was a crucial stepping stone on her path to Eastside College Preparatory School and ultimately Stanford University – equipping her with the skills that she’d need to succeed at each stage of her educational journey.

She’s also grown incredibly engaged with the world around her, taking on numerous leadership opportunities at college within the Delta Delta Delta sorority, the Pilipino American Student Union, the Black Student Union, and other organizations.

With that willingness to give back, it’s no surprise that she returned to The BASIC FUND.

“I like the concept of providing families with the opportunity to choose their education,” Dominique explained. “If you help educate families on what those options are and then help to make them possible, you’re helping them on a path towards success.”

We’re excited to have Dominique with us as a Development and Communications Intern this summer, and look forward to seeing the incredible success that she’ll achieve in the future. For now that means focusing on completing her degree in Psychology at Stanford, but then she’s interested in potentially exploring a career in freelance marketing in Philidelphia where she can help to bolster small businesses and continue to be engaged in her community.