St. Cornelius School: Working beyond zip codes

My name is Sherri Moradi and I am the Principal of St. Cornelius Catholic School in Richmond. For the past 10 years I have had just one focus: The quality of children’s education should not be a product of their zip codes. Regardless of demographics and socio-economic status, every child must be presented with an opportunity to rise above their circumstances and that is exactly what BASIC Fund has done for our students.  Each year more than 60 of our students are able to attend St. Cornelius thanks to The BASIC Fund.

St. Cornelius School has a long history or supporting low income and immigrant families. We have provided quality Catholic education to the Richmond community for fifty-six years. It was created in the late 1940’s by Catholic families who wanted a school for their children. On August 24, 1948, the school was opened and five Sisters of Notre Dame were commissioned as its first teachers. The school successfully operated under the Notre Dame Sisters until they were reassigned to Southern California in 1985. In that year, a school board was appointed and the first lay faculty were hired. In 1989 a full time pastor was assigned to the parish.

We are a K-8 elementary, co-educational and multicultural school serving families of all faiths in the urban area of Richmond, California.  As a faith based community, we are committed to educating the whole child and providing a challenging curriculum in a safe and secure environment.  As a school community, we work together to promote peace by celebrating diversity, pride, inclusion and respect of self, others and the environment.  We motivate each student to reach his/her potential and become an individual of integrity and social awareness who is equipped to make positive contributions to society.

The community in Richmond has many challenges, and students at St. Cornelius come to us in danger of internalizing their poverty.  Once they are here they learn to believe it is possible to finish high school and go to college. They see the way is paved for them with the generosity of kind-hearted and most importantly civil-minded people, who recognize the intellectual future of this country would be in eminent danger if that happened.  The BASIC Fund realizes there is no greater gift than leveling the playing field to ensure every child has an equal chance to excel and succeed. It is because of the BASIC Fund that so many students have been able to attend St. Cornelius Catholic School and get the best education in the urban area of Richmond, California.   We are so grateful for the support of these families!

Posted on May 4, 2017 .