BASIC Grad writes to us from Harvard

After my graduation from high school, I spent time reflecting on how I’ve gotten to where I am currently in my life and what my future holds. I am attending Harvard University, where I hope to study Economics. My family and I are very close, and I am grateful that I can always rely on them. Having their support and their help by taking me to and from my extracurricular activities has allowed me to participate in numerous enriching opportunities within my community, while still thriving in a rigorous academic environment.

Furthermore, I am grateful to The BASIC Fund’s support throughout my years in middle school. When my mother’s health prevented her from working, we didn’t have to choose between paying for my education or my tuition because we had The BASIC Fund’s support. It enabled me to attend The Berkeley School; a school of my choice that provided me with a close-knit community of truly caring individuals. With The BASIC Fund’s help, my middle school’s community helped me grow both as a student and a person in the process of preparing me for high school. Between making lifelong friends, diving deep into hands-on learning, and forming close connections with my teachers, I still cherish my memories of middle school.

Looking forward, I’m excited to pick from thousands of courses that align with my interests and explore future career prospects. I hope to use my studies in Economics to pursue a career in Business. I also hope to continue my love for the study of foreign languages, a flame lit by middle school Spanish class, by continuing to improve my Spanish language skills and my knowledge of the culture of Spanish speaking peoples.

The process of applying to colleges was similar to that of private middle and high school applications, but with many more and greatly varying choices in schools. The most similar aspect of all three application processes was looking for a school that was the best overall fit for me. In this process, I was fortunate to have yielded 16 acceptances and ultimately found that Harvard is the school that best fits me.

I can’t thank The BASIC Fund enough for helping to open doors to opportunity in my life. I am very grateful to have been a recipient in middle school and I’m also glad that The BASIC Fund has continued to do its wonderful work for those to whom I have passed on its information.


Posted on December 21, 2016 .