Art & Carlyse Ciocca - The rewards of 20 years giving

Our participation in the BASIC Fund is one of the best investments our family foundation has made in our 20 year history. It is also the most rewarding!

We believe there is nothing we can do that is more important for the long term benefit of our society than helping young kids receive a sound education. The BASIC Fund does exactly that in a highly efficient and effective way.  By offering scholarships to proven private and parochial it allows families in areas with marginal public schools the opportunity to improve the quality of their children’s education. The record speaks for itself with over 20,000 BASIC Fund scholarships granted to Bay Area kids who would have otherwise had no alternative than a failing inner city public school where there odds of going on high school and college would have been drastically reduced.

There is nothing more rewarding and inspiring than to visit any one of the 260 BASIC Fund schools here in the Bay Area and observe them in action. In our visits we were inspired by the incredible dedication of the teachers and by seeing the fruits of their labor in the smiling faces and optimistic attitudes of the students. Every young Bay Area kid deserves a chance to get a good education. We look forward to the day when BASIC Fund is in position to satisfy every family’s desire for a better education. Our Bay Area kids deserve nothing less.   

Carlyse and Art Ciocca

Posted on February 16, 2017 .