A Message from a New BASIC Fund Mom: Dedication and Sacrifice

Thank you so much BASIC Fund for helping support my two girls in their transition to private schooling. I feel this has helped them both in a major way. Kawai Nalani on the right will be attending private school in order to prevent her from making the wrong choices by hanging with the wrong crowd. She will be in a positive environment where bullying is not allowed and everything is monitored. Kamealoha Nohealani on the left will be able to gain more help with her academics as she is currently in a school where it is a 1:40 ratio. One teacher for 40 children is way too much and my daughter is falling behind. We are forever grateful for what you are able to help us financially.

Kawai (11) plans on becoming a singer, and is hoping to attend the Oakland Performing Arts School in the next 2 years. She is currently enrolled at the Academy of Hawaiian Arts to learn the art of hula. Her back up plan is to become a flight attendant for Hawaiian Airlines and travel the world!

Kamea (9) plans on making it to the Olympics. She is currently in track and field for Full Stride Track Club. She holds the 3rd in Region of the Western Conference for shot put. Her back up plan is to become a Veterinarian.

To be entirely honest, I can’t afford to have either of them in private school. But I am making the sacrifice financially to give them a better education and environment to be in while I am out working 70 plus hours to provide just a regular life for them (that alone Is hard). But with the talent these girls have I want them to be able to progress and have the most opportunity possible. I want them in a safe environment where they are getting the best education possible.

Times are different today from when we all went to school. Kids now have too much access to adult things, sites, media, etc. I know that they will be safer than in the public schooling and have more attention to help them in their struggling areas of education. I was a single mother of 3 kids, in college with 18 units and working 60- 70 hours on my own.  I never thought I would be putting any of my kids in private school because it is way too expensive, however worth the sacrifice. Sure some bills won’t get paid some times and I’ll have to play catch up in order to pay their tuition every month. With the scholarship you have helped me cut my monthly payment almost in half. I am forever grateful that your organization is helping me make this happen.

Thank you so much!

Lori Yamamoto 

Posted on July 12, 2016 .