The Zekarias Family

Our family faced several hardships in 2014, even with my wife working part-time and going to school part-time, life’s financial demands left us falling behind in our mortgage. I was left no option other than to deplete my entire 401K to get caught up with the mortgage, bills, and put a down payment on a much needed used minivan.

With your help my wife and I have been able to provide our children with a strong education foundation. My children have excelled greatly from the support that The BASIC Fund has provided over the years. My oldest son Isaiah has exceed all of our expectations. He has been skipped a grade and has gone on to achieve the Principal’s Citizenship Award for excellence in effort and conduct, and Academic Honors at his school Saint Rose. My daughter Layla has also thrived at Saint Rose, she strong academically and expressively artistic. She won the first prize drawing contest for the Sonoma County AG festival. We are now so happy that you have offered our youngest son Malachi the same opportunity, he started kindergarten this past fall.

Thank you so much for your support from our whole family.

Posted on March 22, 2016 .