First Republic Bank and James Herbert: Making a difference for the Bay Area

I have always believed that education is the single most important, potentially life-changing opportunity any person can have to improve his or her situation. All young people should have equal opportunity, regardless of their home life, to better themselves and to achieve their goals.

When Jim & June McCarthy and Jim Conn approached me in 1998 about becoming an initial Board member of their organization to provide scholarships to underserved families in the Bay Area, I knew this was an opportunity to truly make a difference.

In those early days, we housed The BASIC Fund for about a decade in the basement at First Republic Bank – it was, and still is, an extraordinary experience. The BASIC Fund is the single most focused, efficient, and productive non-profit that I’ve ever been associated with. I support the BASIC Fund unequivocally and without hesitation – it has been and continues to be life-changing for thousands of young people and their families.

Posted on February 16, 2016 .