BASIC Fund Alumni Sets His Sights On CEO

By Fanor Meneses

St. Peter’s Elementary School

St. Ignatius College Prep

St. John’s University (NY) & University of San Francisco, B.S in Business Management

Fanor and his sisters, Leslie and Sophia

Fanor and his sisters, Leslie and Sophia

I attended St. Peter's for all of my grammar school years K-8, and then went on to a very rigorous high school at St. Ignatius College Prep. I had great teachers, and I am still great friends some of the people I've known since Kindergarten. I believe that a private school education (especially in a small city like SF) is a great platform to build off of for a better future, but it really depends on how much work you are willing to put into it. 

As an individual, I worked a lot on my relationships with others. Starting off my undergrad career in New York City provided me the opportunity to meet people from all around the country, and the world. I learned to view the world through the point of view of others. I like to think that I took bits and pieces from every meaningful relationship I had, and adopted them myself. 

College was great experience that full of ups and downs. As a student, I developed a passion for learning everything I could in the little time I had as an undergrad. My degree is in Management, but my specialty is accounting. Accounting as a science, is pretty straightforward and there is not much room for creative thought. In order to maintain a balance, I took a diverse list of elective classes for things that I had always been intrigued about. (Ex. Latino studies, Marketing, Yoga, Jewish Theology, among others).  

One of the most essential factors for excellent academic performance is to cut free from any distractions that will keep you from your goal. If you have a goal in mind, you have to be willing to make some sacrifices, whether it video games, social media, favorite TV shows. You also have to be willing to align yourself with people who have similar goals as yourself, who will push you forward as you grow. As hard as it may be, you also sometimes have to cut ties with people who will drag you down or guide you down the wrong path. This is only my personal opinion, and what worked well for me may not work for others. Essentially, you have to be your own person. 

Once it came time to graduate, it did really hit me that I could not have done it without the support of many along the way. Most notably my Mom, and my family. I owed it to her, my younger siblings, and all those who believed in me to make sure that their hard work and support did not go to waste. 

The ultimate goal in my life (from a professional standpoint) is to have the title of C.E.O attached to my name. I hope to this by inspiring confidence in others and by proving myself to be a leader in my field. My career is still in its early stages so I'm aware I have a long way to go, but I also have the opportunity to explore different types of career paths before settling down on one. 

Mom, Deyanira tells us why having the choice to send her children to private school was so important to her

I didn't have the privilege to attend a private school myself, but I knew the quality of education that private school offers. Anyone can see the difference between private and public school systems – it is obvious. Students attending private schools have more opportunities and a quality education that they can’t receive in a public school.

The BASIC Fund was able to help me give Leslie the opportunity that her older brother had. She started St. Paul’s as a second grader. St. Peter’s and St. Paul’s are both excellent schools. I am very happy with the community. 

No words to explain! The day of his graduation I felt like I was walking in the clouds. It is an amazing feeling. I am a very proud mom. One down, two more to go!!

With the cost of living in the Bay Area, it is very difficult to afford private schooling on my own. Without the BASIC Fund, I wouldn't be able to give my daughter the quality education she is receiving at St. Paul’s. Thank you, BASIC Fund!

Posted on May 19, 2015 .