What motivates one BASIC Fund Alumni to greatness

My Name is Alexis. I graduated from St. John's Elementary in San Francisco. The transition from 8th grade to high school was bittersweet. Although I was filled with excitement, I also felt nervous and I didn't know what to expect. As an incoming freshmen, my sister was an incoming senior. Having my sister at the same school as me gave me a comforting feeling.  My feelings of nervousness suddenly vanished when I realized that everyone else in my class felt the same way as I did. Academically, my elementary school greatly prepared me for high school, and Sacred Heart is definitely a challenging school. My favorite subject is Spanish. I love learning a new language because I love the challenge. Whenever I feel like I am struggling, I know that I can go to my teachers and ask for help. I do feel like I am challenged but I am always able to work through it. 

Attending a 4 year college has never been a question. My plan is to play volleyball in college, and multiple schools have caught my eye recently. I love Southern California so I am currently interested in UCLA and USC. I’m also looking into other schools like Santa Clara and Washington State University. I've been playing volleyball since I was about 5, so when colleges began to show interest in me at the beginning of my freshmen year in high school it was probably the most exciting thing ever. I am now going to be a junior and colleges are now beginning to offer me scholarships. Receiving letters and emails is a great feeling. Knowing that I will be able to go to college for free just play volleyball makes me thankful for these opportunities that I've gained through my education.

My first life aspiration is to graduate college with a degree in psychology. With that degree I would want to get a job that involves helping people better their lives. Another life aspiration of mine is to continue my volleyball career as long as possible and hopefully one day tryout for the US Olympic Team. A while ago I had a brother that passed away of cancer. My family always reminds me of what a strong and courageous person he was. My brother passed away when he was only 15 years old. He had not been given enough time to live out his life. He motivates me to do my best and to be my best. I try to succeed and live out his aspirations since he was not able to. He is my motivation to strive for greatness.

Posted on February 25, 2015 .