Local and Immediate: Supporting Education


After offering support to some more national efforts for charters and education reform, my brother and I started looking for opportunities to support education efforts in our own SF Bay Area.  In the late '90's, we were introduced to Jim and June (McCarthy) who had recently started such an effort. We immediately signed up behind them and Arthur (Rock).  We've been a strong supporter ever since.  

Giving money to education reform efforts that might one day take hold is important but takes many years to see results. Money we contribute this year to the BASIC Fund offers lower income parents in the Bay Area an opportunity to make a difference in their children's lives right now! 

When friends ask about our philanthropic efforts, The BASIC Fund is always at or near the top of the conversation. I explain it's a unique opportunity to do something local and with immediate impact in education.  The funds they contribute are leveraged: every dollar goes towards a child's superior education that they couldn't otherwise afford. The Board covers all administrative costs of a great team of professionals.  

~ Eric Schwartz, The Bern Schwartz Family Foundation

Posted on December 8, 2015 .