The Chen's: Thriving at Principled Academy

We want to take this opportunity to say: Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You do not know us, yet you make a huge difference in our lives by contributing money each month to our kids' education. Because of this education and because of the safe and diverse environment our kids are in each day, we hope they will grow into wonderful people who care. Care not only for their own success in life but for the people around them who might be less fortunate.

We are a family of five. My husband David came to the United States from Vietnam on a boat, together with many other refugees who had escaped from the communist government. We have 3 daughters: Kienyen - 12, Anya - 11, and Dalene - 9. We live not far from the school in an apartment complex that has a community swimming pool which our daughters enjoy often, especially in the summer time. We don't have cable TV in our home but we do love watching good movies.

Our oldest daughter Kienyen is a 7th grader who has been attending The Principled Academy since the 1st grade. She loves music and singing. She has been learning piano for several years and she has taught herself guitar. She is getting really good at it. We hear her sing all the time. She is a straight A student and learning comes quite easy to her. She enjoys swimming, basketball and running. She likes reading and writing very much but as of today she is hoping to become good enough at music so she can perform for other people one day.      


Anya is a 6th grader and has been attending the Principled Academy since Kindergarten. She is the middle daughter who loves, loves, loves to read. She is a great reader and really enjoys books, especially adventure. When she doesn't read, she bakes, plays chess, swims and plays basketball. She likes to spend time with her friends. She and her sister have chipped in and got an old, but well working typewriter just the other day. Anya is planning to write a great story on this new (old) typewriter.                                                    


Dalene is a 4th grader, it is her 5th year at the school. She is the youngest daughter who is a talented artist. She makes little sculptures, paints and creates unending art projects. She just joined the chess club and the performing arts club where she is hoping to do the play "Annie" Dalene also loves to sing, swim and ride her scooter.

The main reason we chose The Principled Academy is because it emphasizes character education which we feel is a very important quality we want our kids to have. We want them not only to have the knowledge and the skills but to also have the character of heart. We want our kids to grow into good, responsible adults who use their hearts as much as their minds to bring greater benefit to their community.

We, as parents are quite confident that our kids are in a safe environment each day. As we drop them off at the school every morning, we are at peace that they will be well taken care of and also that they will be academically challenged.

The BASIC Fund is critical to our children being able to attend The Principled Academy and we are so deeply grateful for it. We simply will not be able to keep our children there without the BASIC Fund. 

Thank you!

Posted on October 5, 2015 .