Napa school stands strong through the quake.

Hello, I'm Nancy Jordan, the Principal of St. John the Baptist Catholic School located in Napa.  Our students have been grateful recipients of the BASIC Fund for five years. I am blessed to witness the difference the BASIC Fund makes every school day.

The 8/24/14 earthquake significantly damaged our historic building causing substantial plaster damage, water pipe breaks, dropped light fixtures, broken ceiling tiles, exterior mortar loss, and technology loss. This year, our humble school faces an incredibly challenging addition to our normal fundraising efforts. Repairs are expected to take several months and we have temporarily closed the most extensively damaged section of the school, which was built in 1926. Adding to the price of all repairs and restoration is the expense of relocating three classrooms and three offices. We won’t know the precise cost of the repairs until additional inspections occur but initial estimates are close to $1 million. 

Our community mobilized and while funding for repairs remains a worry, academic programming has resumed and students are actively engaged in their lessons. We look forward to another year of great academic, emotional, and spiritual growth. The earthquake served as confirmation of the authentic family that we are. This year marks our 102nd year in continuous operation and our future is strengthened by the gift of the BASIC Fund. 

I recently found one of our young BASIC fund recipients gently spinning circles in the hallway, visually taking in bulletin board art, pictures, and announcements. Seeing me, he sighed, “I can’t believe this is my school.”  I also recently hired a BASIC Fund recipient parent to assist in our Admissions and Development. She facilitates the Basic Fund application process with other deserving applicants, expressing her personal gratitude with each interaction.  

The BASIC Fund has been instrumental to us because we, at St. John’s, are committed to a student body that reflects the diverse community in which we live. The City of Napa is home to wealth but also home to hospitality and agriculture workers who view education the key to their children’s future success. St. John’s believes our diversity prepares students to thrive in the global world where they live, socialize, and will ultimately work. We strive to ensure that our faith-based, fully accredited education is accessible to all those who desire it. This has only been possible because of the commitment from the BASIC fund. 

On behalf of St. John the Baptist Catholic School, I thank the BASIC Fund for their presence in our community. 

Posted on September 19, 2014 .