Alexis Dirige

Age: 17
Elementary School: St. John's Elementary School (SF, Class of 2012)
High School: Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep (Class of 2016)
College/University: Prospectively UCLA or USC

My Name is Alexis. I graduated from St. John's Elementary in San Francisco. The transition from 8th grade to high school was bittersweet. Although I was filled with excitement, I also felt nervous and I didn't know what to expect. As an incoming freshmen, my sister was an incoming senior. Having my sister at the same school as me gave me a comforting feeling.  My feelings of nervousness suddenly vanished when I realized that everyone else in my class felt the same way as I did. Academically, my elementary school greatly prepared me for high school, and Sacred Heart is definitely a challenging school. My favorite subject is Spanish. I love learning a new language because I love the challenge. Whenever I feel like I am struggling, I know that I can go to my teachers and ask for help. I do feel like I am challenged but I am always able to work through it. 

Attending a 4 year college has never been a question. My plan is to play volleyball in college, and multiple schools have caught my eye recently. I love Southern California so I am currently interested in UCLA and USC. I’m also looking into other schools like Santa Clara and Washington State University. I've been playing volleyball since I was about 5, so when colleges began to show interest in me at the beginning of my freshmen year in high school it was probably the most exciting thing ever. I am now going to be a junior and colleges are now beginning to offer me scholarships. Receiving letters and emails is a great feeling. Knowing that I will be able to go to college for free just play volleyball makes me thankful for these opportunities that I've gained through my education.

My first life aspiration is to graduate college with a degree in psychology. With that degree I would want to get a job that involves helping people better their lives. Another life aspiration of mine is to continue my volleyball career as long as possible and hopefully one day tryout for the US Olympic Team. A while ago I had a brother that passed away of cancer. My family always reminds me of what a strong and courageous person he was. My brother passed away when he was only 15 years old. He had not been given enough time to live out his life. He motivates me to do my best and to be my best. I try to succeed and live out his aspirations since he was not able to. He is my motivation to strive for greatness.

Raven Campbell

Age: 19
Elementary School: International Christian School (SF, Class of 2009)
High School: Eastside College Prep (EPA, Class of 2013)
College/University: Occidental College (Class of 2017)

My name is Raven. Growing up, I always dreamt that I would go to college. Now, I am the first member of my family to attend college and have just successfully completed my first year at Occidental College in Los Angeles.

The world in which I live in, and the unique people who live within it, has always fascinated me. I am thinking of majoring in either Religious Studies or Urban and Environmental Policy (UEP). Who knows, maybe I will even end up as a double major!

My family is my main motivation to succeed in life; especially my mom. She has made so many sacrifices to allow me to be where I am today and to make sure that going to college after high school was the only choice that I had. A college degree hanging on our living room wall will be the first of many ways I plan to pay her back for all that she has done for me.  

During my time in private [elementary] school, I feel that I got a lot of one on one attention from teachers who actually cared and I was surrounded by peers who cared just as much about their education as I did. I also feel that private school exposed me to both academic and social resources and opportunities that I probably would have never been able to take advantage of in high school.  

For high school, I was fortunate enough to be accepted into Eastside College Preparatory School in East Palo Alto, CA. I really liked the close-knit, supportive environment all the teachers, students and alumni of ECP provided. Even now, after I have graduated, I still feel the warmth of my Eastside family! <3

I am forever grateful to The BASIC Fund for supporting the early years of my education. Every morning as I walk into the office, I see a sign that says “The American Dream Starts with a Quality Education.” So, I would personally like to say thank you BASIC Fund for giving me the opportunity to achieve my dreams and aspirations!

Tammia Hubbard

Age: 24
Elementary School: St. John's Elementary (SF, Class of 2005)
High School: Cathedral Preparatory (Class of 2009)
College/University: Ithaca College (Class of 2013)

Tammia is an original BASIC Fund scholar, joining our first Program in 1998! Now attending Ithaca College, she spends her summers interning with the BASIC Fund in San Francisco. "I graduated and moved 3,000 miles away to college. My path to higher ed has been a challenge but my passion has never died. Thank you for your generous support. You have given the gift of hope, and that cannot be taken away."

Julio Barrientos

Age: 24
Elementary School: Mission Dolores Academy (Class of 2004 )
High School: Stuart Hall High School (Class of 2008)
College/University: University of Southern California (Class of 2012)

Julio grew up through tough circumstances in the Mission District of San Francisco. He remembers friends who didn't make it out, and credits his family's choice in sending him to Mission Dolores School in helping turn his own life around. Now an alumnus from USC in Los Angeles, he is excited to see his little brother continue in his footsteps, through Mission Dolores School. Congratulations Julio!