Giving parents a choice. Giving children a chance.

“Our scholarships do more than just provide a safe, quality education for Bay Area children.  We empower parents with choice, allowing them to stay within their communities, and to give back.  It’s an exponential effect.”

Rachel Elginsmith, Executive Director

We believe that every child, regardless of their background, neighborhood, family income, or culture, deserves a quality education in a safe environment. We offer the gift of education to the Bay Area’s poorest children, increasing their statistical chance of graduating high school from less than 70% to 98%. With your help we can continue to make that a reality.

In 2018 the BASIC Fund is providing nearly 4,000 scholarships to children in over 250 schools around the Bay Area.

How we are different:

  • Scholarships are awarded on the basis of financial need, not merit.
  • Families choose the school that best fits their need - not The BASIC Fund. 
  • We keep families together by including all siblings.
  • To provide stability for our families, we are committed to supporting each child through 8th grade.