Triplets on the BASIC Path to Success


While we often get the incredible fortune of being able to work with an entire family, one exceptional instance stood out to us as we embarked on the 2018-19 school year.

Mikenzie, Cheynne, and Bentley are all part of the BASIC Fund, all attending Harvest Christian School through their scholarship award. More notable though, is that they are triplets and are all kicking off 1st grade in the same class.

“Receiving the BASIC Fund for my triplets was a complete blessing,” wrote their mother Lindsay. “I feel my children have learned so much this year even beyond a kindergarten level. They are building an amazing love for school.”

For their family, Harvest Christian has been the complete experience – from the staff, teachers and programs to the other students and families and the level of engagement they bring, it’s exactly what Lindsay wanted for her triplets.

“My kids do great at math and have really taken a liking to social studies. They have wonderful, unique, and educational field trips, school plays, family days, and they make it easy to be involved and active in your children’s learning environment,” Lindsay said.

Here at the BASIC Fund there’s no better reward than hearing about how our families are thriving in and out of the schools they attend. If you’d like to see these success stories in action, contact Michelle Harris, Develop Director, at to schedule a school visit.

Posted on October 22, 2018 .

Investing in Children and Opportunity


Curtis and Christine Gardner and their family are happy for the opportunity to support the BASIC Fund program.  With a commitment to support youth programs in our community, they have been active donors and parent participants in their children’s schools for almost two decades – their oldest daughter is now a Freshman in college and their boys are in 11th and 7th grades.

The Gardner family is committed to supporting the success of all kids in our diverse Bay Area community – whether it is to help develop mentors, offer clean safe places for children to play, ensure access to healthy foods and clean water – or supporting amazing schools like those in the BASIC Fund network. 

“We want to invest in children.  In a world where our values seem to be shifting within complex political divides, we know for certain that healthy, motivated, educated children are the key to our future,” says Christine.  “We are delighted that we were introduced to the BASIC Fund and can make that opportunity come to life to support promising students throughout the Bay Area.”

The Gardner’s also support children and the community through their other philanthropic pursuits with Curtis serving as a Bay Area Board of Directors member for The First Tee program and a Director of the Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bay Area. Christine has developed a deep interest in environmental health education and advocacy, working over the past ten years to create ecoCouncils, that address sustainability at her children’s schools, as well as serving on the Boards of the San Francisco Parks Alliance, the Environmental Working Group in Washington, D.C. and the Woods Institute for the Environment at Stanford University. 

Posted on October 22, 2018 .

Fostering the Entrepreneurial Spirit


The BASIC Fund is partnering with NFTE, the Lumen Christi Academies, and Chevron in helping to roll out a curriculum to Bay Area schools that encourages the entrepreneurial mindset among youth from under-resourced communities – helping them build startup skills that will ensure their success.

While NFTE has a proven track record of instituting this type of curriculum in schools across the country, the local partnership with The BASIC Fund has helped to connect them with the resources to roll out their approach to entrepreneurship education and career readiness to new schools throughout BASIC Fund’s network.

“The Lumen Christi Academies relationship is an interesting network approach to school improvement and we feel we can add great value to this reform effort,” Alfredo Matthew, Director of NFTE Bay Area, said. “The introduction from the BASIC Fund has allowed us to be received with open arms by the Oakland Dioceses, and we are thrilled to be on the ground floor of this initiative.”

Matthew and his team are in the beginning stages of the curriculum roll-out to the Lumen Christi Academies, a process that will culminate in the curriculum’s implementation across all seven of LCA’s school sites during the 2019-2020 school year.

Helping to foster this entrepreneurial mindset among the Bay Area’s youth is an essential endeavor, as 90% of employers say that entrepreneurial skills are very important, 1 in 3 actively seeks to hire employees with entrepreneurial skills, and the workforce looks to transition to 50% freelancers by the year 2027.

“The best school partnerships for NFTE are schools that are vertically aligned with our approach to career readiness.  Meaning, the Entrepreneurial Mindset needs to resonate with the graduate profile and school culture.  Project Based Learning and public demonstrations of learning should be part of the assessment approach,” said Matthew. “Finally, there should be buy-in from the various levels of the school community, from administration to the teacher, to students and families.  In my experience, this vertical alignment is relationship driven and takes time to build, but it ensures success.”

The BASIC Fund is excited to be a part of this crucial partnership and the development of entrepreneurial curriculum to schools throughout the Bay Area.

From BASIC to Stanford and back - an alumna spotlight

Dominique graduated from St. Bede Catholic School in 2011, joining the ranks of BASIC Fund alumni. This year she returned to us as a Stanford University student and an intern, equipped with a penchant for building community and an incredible perspective on the journey our BASIC Fund families undergo.

 For Dominique, that journey represents opportunity.

Celebrating 20 Years

The BASIC Fund is proud of our 20 years of giving parents a choice and children a chance!  Our success is due to our generous supporters, many of whom were able to join us for our 20th Anniversary Celebration at AT&T Park on April 12th. We had a spectacular time with donors, families, schools, partners, and Lou Seal! For more information please see the Press Release

Posted on May 3, 2018 .

Chevron Donates $1 Million to The BASIC Fund to Support Scholarships for Bay Area Students

Donation honors Chevron Chairman and CEO John Watson

December 06, 2017 12:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

SAN RAMON, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Chevron Corporation (NYSE: CVX) today announced a $1 million donation to the Oakland-based BASIC Fund to aid scholarships for the children of San Francisco Bay Area low-income families. The contribution is in honor of Chevron Chairman and CEO John Watson who is retiring February 1 after 37 years of service with the company.

“This is the single largest corporate donation in our organization’s history. Through this support, together we will be able to provide scholarships to 100 children and launch a new business and financial literacy program to support students’ long term-success.”

The BASIC Fund is a 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to broaden the educational opportunities for inner-city children by helping low-income families afford the cost of tuition at private schools in the Bay Area.

“My mother was a teacher, and she taught me the importance of education at an early age,” said Chairman and CEO John Watson. “My wife, Diane, was also a teacher and reinforced that message within our own family. A strong K–8 education sets the foundation for higher learning and a successful career. Unfortunately, not every family has access to this foundation.”

Chevron’s contribution builds upon a long-term commitment to supporting education in the communities where the company operates, with a particular focus on improving instruction in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Working with local partners, Chevron takes a comprehensive approach to education investments. This includes supporting teacher training, providing classroom resources, funding out-of-school activities, and developing partnerships with universities designed to strengthen faculty, curricula and student development.

“Like Chevron, the BASIC Fund believes that increasing access to quality education helps unlock potential and fosters prosperity in our communities,” said Rachel Elginsmith, the BASIC Fund’s executive director. “This is the single largest corporate donation in our organization’s history. Through this support, together we will be able to provide scholarships to 100 children and launch a new business and financial literacy program to support students’ long term-success.”

To learn more about the BASIC Fund’s programs in the Bay Area, visit and for more information about Chevron’s support to education:

Chevron Corporation is one of the world’s leading integrated energy companies. Through its subsidiaries that conduct business worldwide, the company is involved in virtually every facet of the energy industry. Chevron explores for, produces and transports crude oil and natural gas; refines, markets and distributes transportation fuels and lubricants; manufactures and sells petrochemicals and additives; generates power; and develops and deploys technologies that enhance business value in every aspect of the company’s operations. Chevron is based in San Ramon, Calif. More information about Chevron is available at



Kent Robertson, +1 925-842-1456
Michelle Harris, +1 415-986-5650

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Giving Back and Giving Thanks

Rachel with Kids.JPG

As Executive Director of The BASIC Fund, my heart sank when I learned of the fires affecting the North Bay counties. I immediately thought of the children, families, and schools there whom we support. The devastating wildfires that swept through Napa and Sonoma have caused unprecedented damage to these communities. Among those hardest hit were families with children and their schools who are stretched thin to try and keep a sense of stability and calm for their students, while many school administrators themselves are also dealing with devastation. More than 200 BASIC Fund students attend 69 schools in the area affected by the fires, and we have been busy working with our school communities to provide support in as many ways as we can.

Thanks to the generosity of our board and donors, we have provided supplemental tuition grants for families who have lost income and whose schools were closed during the fires. We have a generous donor who provided funding for hundreds of gift cards, we partnered with Visa to produce them without service fees and distributed them to our families to help pay for groceries and other immediately necessary essentials. We partnered with KPMG to distribute brand new backpacks and supplies, and we even have had some generous donors who are helping to fund some additional needs at the hardest hit schools – things like school counselors to help the children recover from this terrifying disaster.

The recovery from this tragedy will be long and hard and with your help, The BASIC Fund is committed to remaining a source of support and stability for our families. As always, we cannot thank you, our donors, enough for everything you do for BASIC Fund families and our community.

Rachel Elginsmith
Executive Director

Posted on December 7, 2017 .

St. Cornelius School: Working beyond zip codes

My name is Sherri Moradi and I am the Principal of St. Cornelius Catholic School in Richmond. For the past 10 years I have had just one focus: The quality of children’s education should not be a product of their zip codes. Regardless of demographics and socio-economic status, every child must be presented with an opportunity to rise above their circumstances and that is exactly what BASIC Fund has done for our students.  Each year more than 60 of our students are able to attend St. Cornelius thanks to The BASIC Fund.

St. Cornelius School has a long history or supporting low income and immigrant families. We have provided quality Catholic education to the Richmond community for fifty-six years. It was created in the late 1940’s by Catholic families who wanted a school for their children. On August 24, 1948, the school was opened and five Sisters of Notre Dame were commissioned as its first teachers. The school successfully operated under the Notre Dame Sisters until they were reassigned to Southern California in 1985. In that year, a school board was appointed and the first lay faculty were hired. In 1989 a full time pastor was assigned to the parish.

We are a K-8 elementary, co-educational and multicultural school serving families of all faiths in the urban area of Richmond, California.  As a faith based community, we are committed to educating the whole child and providing a challenging curriculum in a safe and secure environment.  As a school community, we work together to promote peace by celebrating diversity, pride, inclusion and respect of self, others and the environment.  We motivate each student to reach his/her potential and become an individual of integrity and social awareness who is equipped to make positive contributions to society.

The community in Richmond has many challenges, and students at St. Cornelius come to us in danger of internalizing their poverty.  Once they are here they learn to believe it is possible to finish high school and go to college. They see the way is paved for them with the generosity of kind-hearted and most importantly civil-minded people, who recognize the intellectual future of this country would be in eminent danger if that happened.  The BASIC Fund realizes there is no greater gift than leveling the playing field to ensure every child has an equal chance to excel and succeed. It is because of the BASIC Fund that so many students have been able to attend St. Cornelius Catholic School and get the best education in the urban area of Richmond, California.   We are so grateful for the support of these families!

Posted on May 4, 2017 .

HAMILTON: Partnering with Champion Charities for a Night at the Theater!

On March 12, the BASIC Fund celebrated A Night at the Theater with Champion Charities. Champion Charities, a non profit led by Harris Barton and Ronnie Lott, selected the BASIC Fund, UCSF Medical Center and Teach for America to benefit from their sold out private performance of the award-winning musical HAMILTON.  Funds from the evening were distributed to the three organizations, and The BASIC Fund received a grant of $400,000 from the performance- which will help take 67 children off of our wait-list and put them in school this fall!  The evening began with a reception at City Hall and ended with an incredible performance of the highly acclaimed musical.  There were even celebrity attendees like Joe Montana, Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant in the audience!  The BASIC Fund is incredibly grateful to Harris Barton and Champion Charities for selecting us as a partner for this incredible event, and proud of our impact in helping more children access a school of their choice this fall. The Hamilton event marks the second Night at the Theater partnership with The BASIC Fund and Champion Charities, the first taking place in December 2016 for a production of THE LION KING. 

Posted on April 27, 2017 .

East Bay high school senior drawing strength from her family

My name is Camila and I was born in Oakland. I currently live with my mother, older sister, and younger brother in San Leandro. As a family, we have been through many challenges. However, that has made us stronger and closer to each other. My family supports me and my passions for art, education, and social justice. My mother is always curious about my art projects and often asks where I get my inspiration from. Moreover, she and my sister motivate me to try my hardest in school and be an advocate for the Latino community.

Camila (left) with her sister, brother, and mother

Camila (left) with her sister, brother, and mother

My family is always interested in the activities I am participating in during school and everything I am learning. An example of their support in my activities would be during my sophomore year when I signed up to be a part of my high school's swim team. I was very nervous and did not know what to expect from such a new experience. It was the first time I became a part of an athletic team, but my family always went to my swim meets and cheered me especially when I was scared or nervous. They support me by encouraging me to give my best and to be resilient no matter the challenges I may face. The fact that they believe in me and are there for me has helped me so much in my growth as a whole.

Camila's mother and grandmother

Camila's mother and grandmother

I also really look up to my grandmother in Chile. She raised eight children with her husband and lived during a dark and dangerous time in Chile. When I am able to visit her, she always reminds me about staying in school and how much education will help me through life. My grandmother did not have the opportunity to go to college, but she is a very educated and poised woman. She sincerely believes that education is the pathway to a more just and equal society.

I have always loved art, science, and history. In school, I have taken those classes every year. Moreover, I have challenged myself in those subjects by taking Advanced Placement United States, Advance Placement Art, Honors Biology, and Honors Chemistry. I like these subjects because they allow me to wonder, question, and not be afraid to take on a challenge. I like to say that my mind works with curiosity and creativity, and I feel that these subjects allow me to think critically and allow space to grow.

I aspire to travel as much as I can. I have always want to go to Japan, France, Seychelles, and Bora Bora. I have only been to Chile and Costa RIca, but those trips have pushed me to pursue my dream to travel around the world and expand my perspective.

As a high school senior, I have come so far and going to college is definitely a goal of mine. I have already been accepted to many small liberal arts colleges throughout the country. I would like to study neuroscience or law. This is because I have always been interested in studying the brain and the nervous system. Moreover, my younger brother has autism, and that has taught me a lot about how people develop and grow with or without disabilities. Regarding my interest in law, in my community there is a lack of opportunities and significant injustice. I want to be able to give back to my community and support low-income families just like my own. I am currently waiting on responses from more colleges I have applied to, and I am researching for scholarships that will me pursue the goal of attending college. In all, I feel excited for the opportunity to attend college and to be able to expand my horizon towards the future.

Thank you so much for helping me make this all possible!


Posted on March 13, 2017 .